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Very easy Sourdough starters with bread recipe ( available in wholewheat too )

Sourdough Has been making a come back in the last few years and rightly so, in the history of toast there was never a better bread for it!

whilst I’m perfecting my own recipe, take a look at this one:

Very easy Sourdough starters with bread recipe ( available in wholewheat too ).


I’m back…..

So… I’ve not been blogging for a while, a combination of massively busy combined with wisdom teeth issues have kept me away for a while but now I’m back!!!

In the meantime while I’m putting together my new posts take a look at this article from Treehugger;

What do you think?



New york and California pave the way to banning Micro-plastic

Even if you don’t know what micro-plastics are, if you have ever used a product branded as “ex-foliating”  from the supermarket you have probably come into contact with them. Micro plastics are found in a startling array of cosmetics and the long and the short of it is; like everything that washes down the plughole, it has to end up somewhere; generally the sea.

The problem is that as soon as these micro-plastics enter the sea, they get mistaken for food by small animals, which in turn are eaten by predators. These plastics build up in the gastrointestinal tracts of predators until finally they clog the system and the predator starves to death.

If you have seen the short film: “MIDWAY a message from the gyre” by Chris Jordan you will have seen the horrific images of bird carcases literally bursting with plastic debris. This is why we have to stop using them and a proposal from both New York and California might just be the beginning of the end for micro-plastics.

California is proposing the ban of sale of any product containing plastics smaller than 5mm whilst New York is not only banning the sale of micro-plastic products, it is also proposing the ban of their manufacture in the New York state area. So let’s hear it for them! for taking such a progressive and wise step towards tackling this massive problem.

Why on earth is it illegal to take rubbish in the UK???

Most people here in the UK will have heard; about the 3 people who were charged by the Met Police in London with taking waste food from the rear of a supermarket. The law they were charged with breaking was passed in the Victorian era and in my opinion should be scrapped sharpish.

The fact of the matter is that it should not be illegal to take rubbish, you have thrown it away, it’s going to landfill so you obviously don’t care about it. so why is it illegal?

The long and the short of it is; it isn’t. The law states that the items have to be discarded and for the owners to renounce ownership, for it to be legal to take. so if you see something ditched at the side of the road, sure, go ahead and pick it up. Re-use, Recycle and re-purpose. The difficulty arises when discarded items are left on someone’s property then you have to have permission from the owner and seeing as a supermarket wants to charge you for your food you are unlikely to get it, however in this case Iceland (the supermarket in question) has said that it didn’t press charges or call the police and they arrested the 3 individuals on their own initiative. which leads to the question;

“Why are the police wasting time arresting people, who’s only crime is taking expired food?”

Who knows, I’m sure there are many other criminals thanking their stars that the officers in question were at the station booking 3 people for stealing £33* of expired food, maybe they were down on their arrest quota for the month….

*the food would have been worth £33 if it was still in date, however as it wasn’t, it was worthless as it couldn’t be legally sold.

Peanut butter and honey granola, 10p.

This is definitely going to get made in my house soon!

Cooking on a Bootstrap

I first made this for myself as I love peanut butter in the mornings, but not having a toaster, popping bread under the grill inevitably goes wrong when you have a three year old to get washed and socked and shoed in the mornings – so I cobbled this together and bunged it in a big jar. Perfect with hot milk, or cold, or even pop it in the microwave for a minute for a warm, soft, stodgy, comforting start to your day.

There are endless variations to this too, just add a good oil, like coconut, in place of the peanut butter to hold your oats together (oo-er) and the possibilities are endless. I recommend dark chocolate with toasted or ground almonds if the purse stretches. Dark chocolate and marmalade is similar to a famous round chocolate orange in a bright blue box, and for breakfast, such fun! Golden…

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Ignorance is getting me down….

Over the past week I have spent most of my time arguing with people over the internet. Non-stop.

What really irks me is that the arguments have mainly been on subjects which I didn’t even realise people were still arguing about, for example; Vaccines. I mean come on, since when did everyone forget about how bad disease was?

Anyway, not wanting to wage into another online debate/argument/rant I thought I’d put together a few pieces of advice that might be useful to someone, somewhere….. Maybe.

  1. You are going to die. The point about life is to die later, so eat well, sleep well, don’t pick up too many bad habits and take advantage of modern science.
  2. Understand before you comment. first of all, it will prevent you looking the fool later and if you don’t understand something, the search for the answer may change your life.
  3. Everyone else isn’t to blame. Sure if you get run over by a drunk, that is certainly his fault however, there are very few situations in life where the balance is so clear cut. Analyse the situation, if it is your fault, deal with it. If it’s not, don’t spend your life trying to get revenge, forgive.
  4. Don’t judge. People aren’t there to be pidgeon-holed. There is merit in each and every one of us, so don’t label those with an opposing opinion to yours. They may have a point, if they are wrong, try to understand how they have arrived at that decision and reinforce your theories.