StoreDot’s Bio-Organic Battery Tech Can Charge From Flat To Full In 30 Seconds

Another quick look into the future:


Want to charge your phone from flat to full in 30 seconds? Who doesn’t. But don’t get too excited yet — Israeli startup StoreDot‘s bio-organic fast-charging battery tech, which utilizes quantum dot technology, is only a prototype right now.

It’s not a full capacity battery yet either. And they haven’t yet shrunk the tech so it’s small enough to fit inside the phone, as is evident in the above demo video.

But the startup, which has raised $6.25 million to-date and whose investors are rumoured to include Samsung, is planning to do all that. It reckons the speedy charging battery technology could be on the market within three years.

“We are about one year from a functional prototype that will be inside the device,” StoreDot’s CEO and founder Dr Doron Myersdorf tells TechCrunch. “Right now we show a battery that extends beyond the form factor of the smartphone. So in one year we’ll have reached the…

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