New york and California pave the way to banning Micro-plastic

Even if you don’t know what micro-plastics are, if you have ever used a product branded as “ex-foliating”  from the supermarket you have probably come into contact with them. Micro plastics are found in a startling array of cosmetics and the long and the short of it is; like everything that washes down the plughole, it has to end up somewhere; generally the sea.

The problem is that as soon as these micro-plastics enter the sea, they get mistaken for food by small animals, which in turn are eaten by predators. These plastics build up in the gastrointestinal tracts of predators until finally they clog the system and the predator starves to death.

If you have seen the short film: “MIDWAY a message from the gyre” by Chris Jordan you will have seen the horrific images of bird carcases literally bursting with plastic debris. This is why we have to stop using them and a proposal from both New York and California might just be the beginning of the end for micro-plastics.

California is proposing the ban of sale of any product containing plastics smaller than 5mm whilst New York is not only banning the sale of micro-plastic products, it is also proposing the ban of their manufacture in the New York state area. So let’s hear it for them! for taking such a progressive and wise step towards tackling this massive problem.


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