Why on earth is it illegal to take rubbish in the UK???

Most people here in the UK will have heard; about the 3 people who were charged by the Met Police in London with taking waste food from the rear of a supermarket. The law they were charged with breaking was passed in the Victorian era and in my opinion should be scrapped sharpish.

The fact of the matter is that it should not be illegal to take rubbish, you have thrown it away, it’s going to landfill so you obviously don’t care about it. so why is it illegal?

The long and the short of it is; it isn’t. The law states that the items have to be discarded and for the owners to renounce ownership, for it to be legal to take. so if you see something ditched at the side of the road, sure, go ahead and pick it up. Re-use, Recycle and re-purpose. The difficulty arises when discarded items are left on someone’s property then you have to have permission from the owner and seeing as a supermarket wants to charge you for your food you are unlikely to get it, however in this case Iceland (the supermarket in question) has said that it didn’t press charges or call the police and they arrested the 3 individuals on their own initiative. which leads to the question;

“Why are the police wasting time arresting people, who’s only crime is taking expired food?”

Who knows, I’m sure there are many other criminals thanking their stars that the officers in question were at the station booking 3 people for stealing £33* of expired food, maybe they were down on their arrest quota for the month….

*the food would have been worth £33 if it was still in date, however as it wasn’t, it was worthless as it couldn’t be legally sold.


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