Ignorance is getting me down….

Over the past week I have spent most of my time arguing with people over the internet. Non-stop.

What really irks me is that the arguments have mainly been on subjects which I didn’t even realise people were still arguing about, for example; Vaccines. I mean come on, since when did everyone forget about how bad disease was?

Anyway, not wanting to wage into another online debate/argument/rant I thought I’d put together a few pieces of advice that might be useful to someone, somewhere….. Maybe.

  1. You are going to die. The point about life is to die later, so eat well, sleep well, don’t pick up too many bad habits and take advantage of modern science.
  2. Understand before you comment. first of all, it will prevent you looking the fool later and if you don’t understand something, the search for the answer may change your life.
  3. Everyone else isn’t to blame. Sure if you get run over by a drunk, that is certainly his fault however, there are very few situations in life where the balance is so clear cut. Analyse the situation, if it is your fault, deal with it. If it’s not, don’t spend your life trying to get revenge, forgive.
  4. Don’t judge. People aren’t there to be pidgeon-holed. There is merit in each and every one of us, so don’t label those with an opposing opinion to yours. They may have a point, if they are wrong, try to understand how they have arrived at that decision and reinforce your theories.

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