Why you should still vaccinate;

Over the past few days I have been having lengthy online debates with people about whether vaccinations are necessary, and quite frankly they are.

It all started with this delightfully misleading infographic, but after arguing with a number of individuals online I realised a more significant problem; ignorance of the basic principles of contamination and infection.

Most people will not be aware of the components within vaccines and when irresponsibly represented as in the above image it’s not hard to see why.

The main components are as follows:

  1. Active components
  2. Adjuvants
  3. Diluents
  4. Stabilisers
  5. Preservatives
  6. Trace components

Active components are the micro organisms as stated above, they are the dead biological material of the target disease, simply put, this is what makes the vaccine work.

Adjuvants are usually salts (Aluminium, ammonium Sulfate etc.) these are chemicals which promote a vigorous immune response making the overall vaccine more effective and the need for subsequent boosters or more vaccine unecesscary.

Stabilisers like Gelatin are used to avoid separation within the solution to make the vaccine more effective and give it a prolonged shelf-life.

Preservatives like Beta Propiolactone are used to avoid bacterial or fungal contamination of the vaccine making it safe to use.

Diluents are simply a liquid used to carry the main components of the vaccine usually Saline or Sterile water.

Typically the largest component by volume in a vaccine is water, all the other components are usually smaller than a millilitre, usually measured in the nano or picolitre scale. and herein lies the problem people don’t seem to realise that the amounts of toxins and carcinogens in vaccines are less than you would come into contact with in normal daily life.

Gelatin for example is found in most processed foods and confectionary, MSG is a known food additive extensively found in asian or oriental food, People will generally come into contact with aluminium at least daily generally from cooking utensils and components found within industrial food manufacture, not to mention the vast array of cosmetics which are packaged in aluminium alloy tubes. the toxins and carcinogens are a little more specific but every city dweller will come into contact with mercury from exhaust fumes from industry as well as CFL’s and other electrical components. In short you will come into contact with every one of the carcinogenic and toxic compounds in daily life and in far greater amounts than found in vaccines. Even if you add up all the vaccines you will have during your lifetime.

SO GET VACCINATED!! you are far more likely to die as a result of contracting a disease than you are from having regular vaccinations, also you won’t put children and those with compromised immune systems at risk.

Without vaccinations humans would generally live no more than 55 years as well as large-scale epidemics and pandemics killing thousands prematurely. So even if you eat organic, avoid chemicals and try and reduce your carbon footprint, as I do, GET VACCINATED.

And here is a far more helpful infographic:



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