Urban Aquaponics

This last week has been bristling with videos of new innovationas coming from design studios all over the globe and this one caught my eye.

Aqualibrium is a new kickstarter project that has been successfully crowd funded and released as a way urbanites can grow their own food, in limited space at home. I don’t think it will work for all properties, especially the average two up two down here in the UK but I believe with a little ingenuity it might take off here in Blighty.

As you can see it works on the symbiotic relationship between fish and plants, the plants benefit from the fishes waste and the fish benefit from their waste being filtered out by the plants. Simple but effective.

Although it does bear a passing resemblance to a cat litter tray I think this is a cool little idea and definitely worth watching out for it, when it becomes available here in the UK.



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