Oceans in trouble…

Most of us will be aware of the problems faced in and around our land; pollution, littering, land-fill and fracking to name a few. However a far greater number of people will not even realise that those problems exist at sea, if you happen to live in a seaside town or city you may have an inkling of an idea; what with tonnes of rubbish washing up on our beaches, but not many of us would have realised to what extent.

A new report, published this week by IPSO (International Programme on the State of the Ocean) has outlined that that the decline of the oceans is not only devastating, but the rate with which it is declining is increasing rapidly.

This is very bad news, but to many will not come as a surprise. Last month it was announced that the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) had reported that they are certain that humans are responsible for the changes in climate and habitat disruption.  In the reports behind the statement they went on to describe how the ocean will suffer the most; acidification, increased temperatures and overfishing being the primary causes of further decline.

A few of you will remember my earlier posts about the problems with water pollution. The fact that chemicals which are regarded as harmless to us can be extremely hazardous to aquatic life, so if you you come away from this article with anything it should be that we all need to change our ways in order to repair the damage done by us and our forebears.

And for those of you who wish to make that extra effort:

  • Only use natural soaps and make sure nothing nasty goes down the plughole.
  • Reduce your carbon emissions, swap the car for a bike or walk.
  • Stop buying products packaged in plastic, 75% of the rubbish in the sea is plastic.
  • stop eating Tuna (or any other industrially fished species for that matter) and only eat line caught fish, squid and crab. if possible only buy from the people who catch them. the MCS website has a great guide on alternatives to vulnerable species; http://www.goodfishguide.co.uk/search-results

Please take the time to read through the IPSO website and take action!




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3 responses to “Oceans in trouble…”

  1. cartoonmick says :

    In regard to climate change and governments, the problem is, those with expertise have no power, and those with power have no expertise.

    Greed will always blind, and governments are easily swayed by blind power.

    Governments are voted in by the people to govern “for” the people, not “for” big business.

    This cartoon refers; http://cartoonmick.wordpress.com/editorial-political/#jp-carousel-775



    • bighairyhippy says :

      Never a truer statement said, also love the cartoon 🙂

      what we really need is people to take responsibility for their actions and stop hiding behind their respective governments; make a stand! if everyone tried to improve their effect on the environment there would be no problem! though thats a very utopian idea!

  2. Barbra & Jack Donachy says :

    Good tips. The advice to only eat line-caught fish – and to vett the people who caught them – is excellent advice.

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