A close shave….

Now I’m almost there with greening my bathroom; I now use natural home-made soap, shampoo, toothpaste and moisturiser. So now there are no nasty chemicals going down the drain I decided to take a look at some of the other things. The main issues with reducing environmental impact are to do with waste; grey water and refuse.

The eco friendly cleaning agents have taken care of the grey water, so refuse is the only issue remaining. Now I have already made a sizable den in the rubbish that gets thrown from the bathroom, because I have dramatically reduced the amount of purchased products there aren’t anymore plastic bottles, pots and boxes to get rid of. The only thing that ends up in the bin at the moment is razor blades.

Yes razor blades, not something people immediately associate with threats to the environment however they do pose a serious problem; due to the nature of the product they are treated as “bio-hazardous waste” so generally they are either sent to landfill or incinerated instead of recycling. The other problem is simply the amounts used; each individual will use tens of thousands in a lifetime which amounts to over 25 cubic meters of plastic which in an ideal world should never have been manufactured and steel which should be recycled.

To many people there will be no option other than to use a normal razor because a beard alas is not for everyone and I cant quite see the average male getting their face waxed. but there are things you can do; the best of a bad job would be to use an electric shaver, they last longer and dramatically reduce the amount that goes to landfill however seeing as I’m going full hippy, I needed to come up with a solution.

So after seeing my brother a little retro idea popped into my head; traditional cut throat shave has seen a resurgence of popularity in the last couple of years and with good reason, it works and always has. The only reason there are landfills over flowing with plastic razors is because a number of companies in the mid 20th century saw a means to capitalise on a minor safety concern.

yes a cut throat razor takes some getting used to but its infinitely re-usable and cuts the waste associated with shaving almost completely.

So I went on-line to do some shopping, there is a plethora of cut throats available online but generally the older ones are better quality and more likely to hold a good edge. So I bought a 1910 Sheffield carbon steel cut throat with the fantastic engraving of “Crown Jewel” on the blade. It was in need of a damn good sharpen but after a bit of time with the sharpening stones it was as good as new.

The next issue is shaving foam, back when my cut throat was made this was simply made by using soap and a shaving brush. Seeing as this has been the formula for the last 2 1/2 centuries I decided that it probably couldn’t be improved so I made myself a shaving brush and used my home-made natural soap.

Thus far I haven’t lacerated my carotid and it does make a damn good job of shaving the bits around my beard so I’m counting it as a success.

If you want to have a go at giving yourself the manliest of shaves you can find all the info you need here: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2009/10/06/how-to-straight-razor-shave/



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