Cleaning up at Pottery Quay…

Yesterday to satisfy my curiosity I went down to Pottery Quay on the river Tamar here in Plymouth, to check out a beach clean event organised by the marine charity Blue Sound.

Blue Sound is a not for profit project delivered by the Marine biological association designed to connect more of the local community with the sea and in so doing, developing more awareness of the issues and possible solutions for the local coastal environment.

They organise and run free public events to spread the word, and during the school holidays run workshops for kids.

Despite the grey and fairly uneventful weather there was a fair turn out and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.
Blue sound had provided everyone attending with bags and litter pickers and despite it being a fairly unorthodox activity for kids they did a pretty good job.

Once the beach was clear, there was the opportunity for kids to make sculptures from items found on the beach, this was being run by local artist Steph House although I think she was possibly enjoying the gluing and sticking just as much as the kids after proudly showing off her own creation; a pot noodle hermit crab.

Running alongside the kids activities and the beach clean itself there was a barbecue cooking up a selection of sea related produce and wild foods for everyone to try out and of course a flowing supply of hot tea and coffee to keep the parents going.

I even found a couple of bits and bobs which I intend to make into functional items, photo’s of which I shall put up in my next post.

All in all I think it was an excellent event that both promoted the conservation of the local area, the project itself and if the kids reactions are anything to go by, a great educational activity.

So if you are living in the Plymouth area and you have some free time, I would urge you to check out one of Blue sound’s events and see for yourself;


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