After my foray into a bit of soap making I was in a bit of a crafty mood, the only problem was what to make….

Having had a couple of conversations with people about the organic soap and finding that most people were convinced that soap would be drying for the skin I decided to make a natural body moisturiser.

It is true that some people with sensitive skin find generic soap a bit drying and this can be explained in a couple of ways; 1. generic hard soap is generally on the alkali side of the Ph scale which means it’s slightly caustic and 2. because generic soap has most if not all of its glycerin removed.

Glycerin is a key part in soap, it helps the skin hold on to moisture whilst the soap itself emulsifies dirt and bacteria allowing it to be washed off in the shower. industrially manufactured soap generally has it removed so that it can be used in other products such as moisturizers, so if you are in the habit of avoiding soap in favour of shower gels, try using natural or handmade soap and see if it makes a difference.

This won’t be an answer for all, some people do just have really sensitive skin, So my home made organic body butter is an attempt to win over the sensitive types.

In reality this is a very easy thing to make all you need is a combination of hard and liquid oils and a electric whisk.

For my batch I used a combination of organic Cocoa, Coconut and Olive oil, keep your ratio of about 75% hard oils to 25% liquid. simply heat your oils and fats together till they become liquid and mix thoroughly, at this point you could add some essential oils to add a perfume to it but seeing as the batch I was cooking up smelt amazing I decided not to bother.

Once you’ve melted your oils take them off the heat and leave them to cool, wait until they’re just starting to set again, if it looks opaque but not solid it’s about right. then whisk like fury, after a little while it will start to look a bit like icing and just keep whipping till it looks like whipped cream.

And there you have it, bottle up and you have a really nice organic moisturiser which so far has met with approval with my other half, partly because it works and partly because it smells like chocolate!

If you would like some more information on natural cosmetics visit: you can also buy handmade cosmetics from local artisans so have a look out at craft markets.


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